The lecturers

Emanuel Maria

Emanuel is a very well known photographer in his field, and his photographs have been published in books, calendars, postcards and magazines locally and overseas.

Over the years, Emanuel has acquired a fellowship with the photographic society of Southern Africa (FPSSA), an associateship with the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (ARPS), associateship with the Australian Photographic Society (AAPS) and associateship with the Federation International Art Photographic (AFIAP). He's also a member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA), the Canadian Association of Photographic Art (CAPA).

While his focus is predominantly on photography, Emanuel is also involved in developing audio visual presentations, and he runs workshops in local camera clubs.

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Peter Craig - Cooper

Peter has always been attracted to the outdoors, with a specific interest in wildlife. He played an active role in the founding of the Wildlife Photographic Section of the Wildlife Society of SA, and later joined the Durban Camera Club. During this period he regularly entered Salons and gained his FPSSA for colour slides, his ASSsSA for colour prints and APSSA for published works. He has judged for both National and International salons in South Africa and has lectured on photography.

Peter is a registered Nature Tour Guide. He also held the position of President of the Durban Camera Club three times and was elected a Director of PSSA in the 1980’s. Many of his wildlife images are marketed in South Africa and abroad.

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